The Lone Green

Being alone cannot be always bad.

When I saw this parrot,

I inferred that even though he is sitting alone

on this branch of the tree,

he is not feeling alone.

He had this aura around him,

which made every passerby look at him.

It’s the way he was enjoying this present moment

in his little green world which made him more attractive.

Being alone isn’t always bad.

Sometimes it is necessary;

it gives us time to think about us,

think about the things that make us content.

Some alone time is what we need to realize

who we are and what we are meant to be.


8 thoughts on “The Lone Green

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  1. I’ve always felt my solitude was a form of loneliness and I tried so hard to find a community of people to bond with so I wouldn’t feel “lonely”. I only recently noticed how much better I feel out being out of the crowd and back in my own personal space. Like this parrot I enjoy the moments I spend in my space.

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  2. An absolute masterpiece. No words written like this before. The photography is elegant and the words just mesmerize the reader.



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