Let Your Eyes Do The Talking…

Truth Be Told

Every step I take, it leads me to this moment. This insincere day, this pouring rain, this rose in my hand, the thoughts pondering in my head. The world around me is now so blurred, this gesture means too much. It's... Continue Reading →

When Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow when we wake up, it'll be a new day. Tomorrow when we wake up, the world would've changed. From one shore to shore I'll sail through the storm; because tomorrow, these clouds would clear out. It's a strange world... Continue Reading →

Roaring Waves

Can you see how the ocean is in an uproar? Even in its silence, it's sounds are echoing all around the coast. They tell the world of their existence without leaving their turf. It makes me think, the ocean is crushing... Continue Reading →

Don’t You Worry

Pain is all around us, it's a shot in the dark. Behind the silver lining, the clouds are gray and screaming remorse. The light that shines is opening the doors of the past. They say love stings and beauty is... Continue Reading →

An Evening

Things don't always go as we want but you didn't have to leave when it got tough. All the things we said or did seem so meaningless now that I stare at this empty bench, the place where you first... Continue Reading →

A Fair Of Lights

All I see is this spinning wheel, spinning the dreams in my mind. As we speak, we get a little on each other's side and see eye to eye. All I need is for this light to keep churning out... Continue Reading →

Flying Away

Flying had never felt so enticing before this. I want to go somewhere far from the land, in the comfort of these clouds that I see. I want to look up and see a clear blue sky. I want to look... Continue Reading →

The Natural Trail

I left that thought behind, I didn't let fear decide; I kept going forward, I didn't close my eyes. And I don't see why I can't have it all. As far as I can see, it's all there, waiting for... Continue Reading →

Touching The Shores

I close my eyes and feel the closeness of the waves; they pass by me like a memory not yet made. I feel the breeze getting stronger; I feel it piercing through my skin. It is a new kind of... Continue Reading →

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