Unhappily Satisfied

I was subdued, my surrondings were maligned. The opportunities limited, the confidence diminished. They said it gets better with time, they said it's all part of learning to live; it wasn't all wrong, the picture painted was discrete. The beauty dominated when we peaked; the mud was left behind and the sun was shining on... Continue Reading →

Solitary Ruins

Time passes like a selfish pain leaving my ruins behind In the rubble, I keep drowning, I keep trying to get up I am still fine, my suffrage unfruitful, unfaithful. The heaven's plan for me falling apart at the seams And we were so young, the days when tomorrow was a blessing. I am finding... Continue Reading →

A Sea Trance

  It was a floating idea, it was a new beat of the sea. It was a story waiting to be told, it was a legend gloating its victories. The water was sans, missing the galore of infinity What used to be abundance, turned into an exhausting dream. I hoped to land on my feet,... Continue Reading →

Silent Words

What were we supposed to do? Love was a luxury we couldn't afford. And now time stands still for me, Every ripple in my heart, it is a conspiracy. Stay still, don't put a price on this setting sun, I chose to spend the night, in a world with no warnings and signs. I surrender... Continue Reading →

Fall of Love

All I need, is a little bit of sympathy. Do you remember where we promised to meet? You said you'll wait, you said you won't leave Years go by, I can't forget that look in your eyes. Your spirit was free, you danced like this water stream And I didn't think it'll ever change, and... Continue Reading →

From Up Here

We were born to fly, and you have to fall to learn. This one's to remind you, the view of being victorious over our fears. We are in this together. I'll wait until you let your wings show. A little fairy dust here, a little shove towards the feeling of comfort. We drink out of this... Continue Reading →

Something Like This

My journey is the goal you claimed, it is nothing but a state of mind roaring through the waves. The sun is shining just enough to me, to show me where I need to be. This subjugated life, I'd had enough of it. I set this sail on my tiny boat, to be free of this. I... Continue Reading →

Conveying The New Day

My eyes set with the rhythm of the sky The Aurora of my mind can't compare with the sound of your heart. Move the crowd, the clouds won't disperse even when the sun is coming up on the horizon. I say, you say, this new won't change anything. But I drop all my weight, to let... Continue Reading →

Setting With The Sun

  I just want to go home, take you with me somehow No lies and I know now when you said you wanted more you would go this far; you would leave your past to drown. Now I don't want to be the reason for the sadness on your face So I'd sit by your door... Continue Reading →

Changing Innocence

Pure and blooming, my innocence retreats From the time the flower was a bud, my love was gestating. Forever young your eyes were a treat, and I was lost in them since my mind could conceive. Looking around this terrain I admired once with all my self-realized glory. Singing the songs the spring aspired from generations... Continue Reading →

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