As We Know It!

I don’t want to look; I want to see. I don’t want to admire; I want to feel. When a person takes a photograph, he’s telling a story; when I see a picture he took, it makes me want to understand his thought behind the story. A picture is more than just a memory encapsulated; it’s a developing¬†emotion, fleeting second, still river, words muted, and tales whispered. Don’t just look, see what we have. And delve into the aspirations that we seized and the narrative we composed around it.


A couple of daydreamers fueled by wanderlust; giving every picture a testimony, a life of its own. We don’t capture a moment; we capture a new story. We know how it’ll begin, but we can’t tell when and how it’ll end. It can be what you perceive, it can be a vision you nurture, it can be the fantasy you desire but, it’ll definitely be a photograph that’s breathtaking and unrivaled.

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