Changing Times

When I look at something like this,

something that represents how small we are

compared to everything we are a part of.

The island, the skylines, the people, we are all part of it.

And even though sometimes we won’t admit it,

we are aware of that;

we know that after all,

we are just a small part of the picture,

maybe just a pixel.

It makes me wonder, nothing changes,

everything is in fact stationery.

The only thing that disappears is time;

the only thing that changes is time;

the only thing that makes everything better is time.

Time after time, this picture won’t change,

it has and will always be the same.

The only thing different would be time.


6 thoughts on “Changing Times

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  1. about the universe and we being mere specks in i( who can bring about a change), i always think this when i find myself in a bad situation. if i am just a speck my problem is even smaller! makes me feel better. I like your blog

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