The Perfect Palette

I get attracted to these colors like butterflies to do flowers.

These wings, they need to be flapped.

And it tells me not to stick to one color;

my mind says to pick one, but my body can’t be tamed.

It knows no limits, no restrictions.

I surrender myself to the radiance of these colors.

My soul is fluttering,

but I can’t find the congruity between the colors

that’ll give me the contentment I am seeking.

Even if it’s false,

give me hope that my pursuit of achieving the perfect harmony

of the colors would pay off.

That I’ll have the redness of love;

the happiness that comes with yellow;

the sometimes jealously of green;

the serenity and integrity of blue;

and the kindness of pink;

the perfect palette.


9 thoughts on “The Perfect Palette

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  1. Sometimes, you read something and it fills you with zeal, and you become convinced that the words will heal your soul. This ecstatic picture is like those words.


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