Ocean Breaths

I don’t know who decides

what qualifies as magical and what doesn’t,

but when I saw the colors of this ocean

and this whale playing with it,

I saw this picture form that was nothing short of majestic.

Like the strokes of a brush,

the tale sailing free on this ocean like it’s a giant canvas.

The depth, the shadows, the density,

the water is multi-dimensional.

A moment can have varied levels of profundity,

and this scene proves that.

It’s hard to decide where to look at,

but we subconsciouslyΒ know what we are looking at.

The playfulness gives the ocean life;

a life we can see breathing.


22 thoughts on “Ocean Breaths

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  1. The emerald green of the water caught my eye, right after the tail of the whale. I love reading your comments on the pictures. The idea of the whale playing in the ocean is magical to think about. πŸ™‚

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