The Night Of Light

I have wanted it so bad, I think about the past I've had The dreams I had, childhood fantasies, a fan of the lavish And it hurts so bad, the things I can't have The silver lining it grows old when all we want is the light to show. The cold breath it's engulfing, my... Continue Reading →

Dreams To Follow

I was flying in between the inner thoughts To follow my dream, and the outer push to compete with the world to follow someone else's dream. The dreams that I always had is the choice I made today. It will be slow, and it'll guide me through the pain. The dream to live and the dream... Continue Reading →

From The Outside

Looking in from the outside, I don't comprehend what I am a part of? When I am in this lagoon, I am one of them and I belong. But when I crave the life outside, I don't know where I belong. The fake smiles, the fake styles, the fake care, the fake cry. The intolerance... Continue Reading →

Moving Along

Where am I going? I don't know. I am a traveler without a destination. These halts are the destination of my moment. I live it, I love it, and I capture it in my mind and eyes, making my own show. I earn small, and I learn big in the journey of my course. The stops I go... Continue Reading →

Burn With The Night

The sky sparkles with my eyes tonight, and I raise my glasses high. To celebrate this night and be remembered for a while, let's light up the sky like the burning flames we are. Take it up, fill it up, let it burn, blaze it up, don't keep the fire inside. The moment is ours;... Continue Reading →

Rise High

These high peaks, they motivate me. They keep strong just like this mountain, to rise high, and to be able to see the world from the top. I want to climb there to not only gain the momentary success but to live it. Live it like the way this lofty mountain is living it. I can... Continue Reading →

Walk Towards The Light

On the outside, I'll be seeing you wherever I go. On the outside, I'll whisper to the winds to bring you back to me. On the outside, I'll be in love again, dancing to the sounds in our minds. But these are the lies I trapped myself into. Now tell me, tell me what your... Continue Reading →

Life Love

Life is such a precious thing; we take it for granted but fear the moment when it'll end. We were created differently but with the same heart. We might not look like each other but we want the same life. A house to live in, food to survive, happiness to share, and love, a love... Continue Reading →

A Change For A Change

Where will this bridge take me? Maybe away from the part of my life where I'll be away from all the doubts and worries. To a place where it's so quite that I'll be able to hear my heartbeat; that I'll be able to hear what I need. Or maybe it will take me some... Continue Reading →

Lake Of Dreams

I wonder why I was so caught off guard, even the reflection of this flower is perfect no doubt. That gold that shines on its petals, it makes me believe in things behind my imagination. They say you grow in mud and emerge all beautiful, the dirt and distress making you strong and reliable. I... Continue Reading →

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