Walk Towards The Light

On the outside, I’ll be seeing you wherever I go.

On the outside, I’ll whisper to the winds to bring you back to me.

On the outside, I’ll be in love again,

dancing to the sounds in our minds.

But these are the lies I trapped myself into.

Now tell me, tell me what your story is.

I want to walk towards the light and just let it go.

But I wake up here, a prisoner of my own thoughts.

Did it frighten you to think what you have lost?

Did you think of what you lost when I was gone?

I thought it all through, I grew tired of thinking about you and now I know,

I know that someday I’ll wake up and feel strong enough to climb those stairs.

And I’ll drop the weight of my past and just let go.


6 thoughts on “Walk Towards The Light

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  1. Yes. You will (drop it). Time heals all wounds, so it is said. And looking back, I’ll bet you’ll come to the conclusion that some things just weren’t meant to be – and that you’ve enjoyed something far more gratifying. Loving and losing teaches us what to look for next time, even if it means we drop our expectations in love, become more real with another and others, in general. We all put on our best face in a new relationship, but you know the other is doing the same. Then the masks begin melting … can we face what we see? In another? In ourselves? In the end, I don’t blame anyone.

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    1. Exactly. There’s no one to blame. We think it makes it easier if we blame others but that never happens. In the end, whatever happens, it ends up becoming either a memory or a lesson, neither of which could ever be a bad thing.

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