The World Of Me

Before we run out of time;

before I forget who I used to be;

all I can say is trust me this time.

I left this place searching for a paradise that didn’t exist.

Now whatever happens tonight,

I’ll be okay with that.

This world might be small, but it is as perfect as it gets.

Happiness is an ornament

hanging around the edges of these mighty walls.

All I can think is that I still have time;

I have time to be known as who I want to be.

Now I understand, it doesn’t matter where I am;

If I leave behind my identity, my town,

I’ll never have the recognition I thought I had to move away for.


12 thoughts on “The World Of Me

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  1. The way you create stories with such few sentences. Forever searching for something…. and forever thinking one has more time. But we are not guaranteed even today.

    And the photo makes my body ache for spring!! We just got about 40 cm of snow….

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  2. Your writing reminds me of the ole statement, “The grass is not green, on the other side of the mountain.”… or something like that. 😀
    Breath taking image….
    Thank you for your sharings, ren

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