An Evening

Things don’t always go as we want

but you didn’t have to leave when it got tough.

All the things we said or did seem so meaningless

now that I stare at this empty bench,

the place where you first saw me.

And all I want from you is that I keep the memories;

It was an evening to remember,

and you gave me something I’ll now never forget.

The emptiness is not inside me,

it stares me in the eye, it’s right in front of me.

And I’ll replace these memories one day for sure

but this place, this place will forever be a reminder of you and me.


2 thoughts on “An Evening

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    1. Yes. Every experience is something to learn from. To appreciate what’s good, we need to know how bad things can get too. Good and bad are such cryptic words if not being compared to anything. Every situation is either joyful or painful depending only on the circumstances.

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