Flying Away

Flying had never felt so enticing before this.

I want to go somewhere far from the land,

in the comfort of these clouds that I see.

I want to look up and see a clear blue sky.

I want to look down, and see my problems hidden

below this spread of light.

I feel this urge to fly today;

I feel this urge to leave.

The silence, the peace, the serenity of the sky is what I need.

The day is bright and my mind in turmoil;

I want to forget my worries even if for a short while.

For all I need is to create a new memory;

build a new cradle;

a place with this white blanket as my kind guardian angel.


6 thoughts on “Flying Away

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  1. I once interviewed author Robert Romanyshyn, shortly before he left for the Antarctic. He said he had to go where there was nothing but vast space; he craved it and later wrote about it. The mind can get so complex and twisted, it can wear a person out. Personally I find I must live near desert or ocean. I, too need vast spaces in which to ponder and experience serenity. (As an aside, I’ve taken many great shots from the air, above the clouds – so cool, this space.)

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    1. It makes us feel privileged that one of our posts reminded you of something such a great author said. That is highly honorable for us. I completely agree with that thought. It is so easy to wear yourself out over insignificant things and let it get big.
      This shot was actually not taken from the air which is what made it so special for us. Thank you for your encouraging words. It’s always a treat reading your comments. 🙂

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