All Around Us

I remember how these flowers

helped me express my feelings to you.

How each one of them is a different curve on your face

and how you seem to be unaware of its effect on me.

The love, the care, and the emotions, if it can be mortalized,

I’ll always say these flowers read my mind.

The way they mesmerize you,

your smile mesmerized me.

They blossomed with our closeness,

they became a part of us,

and they became a symbol of our love.

It will bloom with life for as long as there is love all around us.


4 thoughts on “All Around Us

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  1. Sweet. A nice tribute to flowers as an expression of love or appreciation. Since I’m an avid gardener, I resist picking flowers because they can always be enjoyed longer out in our year-round garden. But oh, if I didn’t have that – I would long for flowers to share themselves, however it was possible.

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    1. I know that feeling. I love seeing flowers in their natural habitat rather than picking them. It is just so more beautiful when we see it like an expression of love amongst a variety of other flowers all lighted up in a beautiful garden! πŸ™‚

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