Can’t Look Away

There I was, standing on the edge of this cliff,

thinking about how time changes so fast;

how these colors change so quickly.

My mind clouded by various different thoughts,

thoughts of love, and happiness.

Memories from the past engulfed me;

some good, some bad, but not strong enough to distract me.

I simply cannot stop staring, at the cliffs on the other side of this edge.

Were my eyes looking for the answers,

answers about the things I can’t explain?

Were they searching for a reason for things I couldn’t do or say?

Or was I simply mesmerized,

by the beauty of this magnificent creation of mother nature?

I don’t recall what was going through my mind at that time,

but I do recall, I recall saying to myself,

“I can’t look away; I just can’t look away.”


12 thoughts on “Can’t Look Away

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  1. Yes, in my own life, it is always nature that takes my breath away. There’s an overlook to the Waimea Canyon on Kauai that reminds me so of the Grand Canyon. Which in your photo is enjoying the greenest bath I’ve ever seen it in! Nice shot.

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    1. Thank you so much. Comments and comparisons like these make us so extremely happy. Half the reason for us to showcase these photographs in such a way is to make people connect with them on a personal level and such words definitely help and represent that goal! 🙂

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