Freshness Of The Mind

Is it the drops that are beautiful

or is it the sod that is so mesmerizing?

I look at this again and again;

without the dew drops,

the leaves would seem ordinary,

and without the turf,

the drops won’t has a medium toย rest on.

Although they are separate,

they compliment each other and finish this picture.

This togetherness is what makes the scenario attractive.

Our mind is not very different.

The same old thoughts and ideas don’t make our lives better.

A new thinking and outlook keep it fresh and exciting.

New perspectives are the dew on the stem of the mind

that fill our minds with freshness and merriment.


10 thoughts on “Freshness Of The Mind

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  1. And above all – such fresh green color. With drops it all feels super fresh. I dwell on this picture and feel renewed like after a bare feet walk in summer morning or a rainshower in hot summer afternoon.

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  2. A year back I traveled through Amazon, this beautiful pic reminds me of the cold dew drops I felt every morning. Nostalgic and very refreshing.

    I am surprised why I never came across this blog before. Great pics.


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