No Windy Wishes

So much for going with the wind.

The thrill of against it is what I live for.

I ride the wave of the stars; carefree and fearless.

I fly without wings and ride along these tides.

Yeah, I can swim but doesn’t matter even if I drown;

the sea is beautiful inside out!

My mind is flying unworried;

getting my heart on theย same wavelength is exciting.

I don’t have any wishes or wants;

they are just heavy weights that’ll pull me down.

I make it all come true; I only have this one shot.

You tell me I can’t, I live for the nots.

Eyes start to glitter, hands start to shudder,

I can’t see too far but I know this current is only going to get better.


19 thoughts on “No Windy Wishes

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  1. wind blows movement flows
    sails filled taut with wind power
    cutting through the race
    pace fast waves splashing wet face
    wind drops ones heart still racing

    Thank you for the inspiration…. spent 2ยฝ years in and around the med. miss the sea ๐Ÿ˜ข โ˜ฎ


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