Drunkness Of This Night

Some nights just make you feel like you are getting drunk.

It’s not something that happens but the way everything is.

The lights would be a little whimsical;

the stars would be a little brighter;

your heart would be pounding a little faster;

and the sky would be a little tipsy.

Even when you are standing alone,

staring into nothing, you are surrounded by your own drunk mind.

And it’s not a sad or depressed drunk;

it’s a happy one, a real happy one.

The reflections seem magical,

the city seems majestic,

and a wave of charge just flows through your body.

For that minute, your heart is so pumped that you forget what you are doing

or where you are,

and your mind and soul are so much so in sync

that you feel each and every breath you take.


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