Comfort Of The Known Pain

You get inspired by the emptiness;

you feel like it’ll disappear.

The hollow echoes make you feel,

like you are not alone,

someone is watching your thoughts stream.

You know this is going to hurt,

you know the pain is growing strong,

but you don’t have anything else to hold on to.

I see you want to walk down this path.

You want to see what the long haul is all about.

But this desolate hall pulls you back;

the comfort of the misery is familiar, and it can’t hurt you further.

So you stay; suffering from a known pain.

The fear of the unknown,

the unfamiliar destinations that you would never know.

It might bring you more pain, it might bring you more misery,

it might just change everything, it might just elevate your distress.

But I guess, you will never know.


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