Sight For A Peaceful Life

When you are speechless,

when you can’t think of what to say,

when you look at something so serene,

the unspoken words become an homage.

The admiration, the aspiration,

it reminds you of peace.

Just look at that water, it’s tranquil.

For a few minutes, I can’t take my eyes off the sight.

But then I start to wonder,

why can’t I feel this way without looking at this view?

I never thought something is missing, life is good.

I never wanted things to change

then why does a tweak sound so good?

Suddenly, I am not speechless anymore.

I am filled with thoughts;

thoughts I came here to get rid of;

thoughts I felt I outgrew.

I am not at a loss for words anymore,

but I still can’t explain this urge;

I have what I need but what I want? I don’t have a clue.


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