Dysfunctionally, Differently Flawed

See that tree?

Hard to look at anything else, it’s stimulating.

Stands on its own, alone but majestic.

Trees are living things they say

and I can that’s the case indeed.

It didn’t decide where it grows;

it didn’t decide if it wants to be exhibited;

it didn’t decide how it’ll look;

it didn’t decide if it wants to be alone.

Isn’t that us at times a few?

Our own existence even we don’t choose.

We are left to grow and left to learn,

and we actually do pretty good.

But just when we think we have this figured out,

it starts to matter how we look.

And no it’s not just our cosmetic look,

it’s so much more than that.

I don’t have to spell it out,

but we all know how that goes.

See that lonely tree?

It’s splendid, isn’t it.

It’s blessed to be so thick, not all of us feel that secure.


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